These Designers Make Hospital Gowns Look Cool To Give Poorly Children A Chance To Be Themselves


What goes through our minds when we think about hospital gowns?  Boring, horrible, ugly even.  Luckily for the most of us its a temporary arrangement but there are some unlucky children who unfortunately have to wear them alot, now thanks to a Ward+Robes, boring and ugly hospital clothes might soon be a thing of the past.

Several fashion designers have teamed up with a nonprofit organization called Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada to redesign hospital gowns in order to give sick kids “a chance to be themselves”. “wearing a hospital gown is like being in a hospital,” explains one girl in the video below. “There’s nothing good about it.” Another young patient reveals that “It sort of makes me feel like my identify’s been stripped away from me.”

The Ward+Robes project has just launched in a hospital in Ontario, and they hope to role out their stylish new gowns to other hospitals across the country and perhaps even to other countries. And judging by how happy these kids look, these robes will be a very big hit around the world!

Watch the video:


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